Friday, March 6, 2015

Small Mammal Watching: The New Hit Pastime

  Bird watching is a popular pastime, but what about small mammal watching? In a city such as Seattle, small mammal watching could be a fruitful endeavor. We have playful rats hiding in bushes or behind trash cans. We have raccoons rummaging through discarded city-person waste. On my blog I already raved about the exciting day I saw a beaver crossing the road. And we have squirrels galore! Squirrels scampering across telephone lines, squirrels leaping from tree branches, squirrels mocking my curious cats as they watch from their windowsill perch.
  There is a small forested area near my home that I recently took a walk in. The highlight of the walk was the adorable squirrel. One guy sat on a branch and ate some delicious morsel while looking toward the sky. That squirrel had character! You could tell he had a sense of humor just by the comical tilt of his head.
  The forest I walked through was lovely though. I saw neat fungal growths and a strange birdcage. It was all very mysterious and fairy-tale like. I walked under two bridges, but I did not see any trolls. I did not see any big-bad-wolves either, although I saw two frisky dogs climbing up a cliff that looked far to steep for them.

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