Saturday, March 7, 2015

Secret Parades and Pretend Mice

  When I first moved to Seattle, I would get quite a kick out of the strange and interesting things that would surprise me while wandering the city. Once I saw a person in complete Storm Trooper gear marching down the sidewalk. Another time I saw a man dressed up as Super Man, belligerently yelling at everyone who passed him by.
   I think the favorite random surprise I saw while wandering the city was when I was walking with a coworker. It was early in the morning and there were no other people on the street, when we saw about ten to fifteen cops all huddled together. I wondered if perhaps something sinister had just happened and the cops had been called in. But it was quite the opposite! My coworker and I looked further down the street when we saw a parade coming our way! There were about twenty different floats chugging along down the street, with zero audience except us! The floats were amazing and beautiful. A lot of them were set up like little scenes. I remember seeing a tropical island float and a Wild West cowboy float. It was really exciting to be witness to a secret parade. It turns out a real parade was happening further downtown later that day and the parades were moving from where they were built to the parade headquarters. It was pretty cool though!
 Of course, these were all very memorable, but the are always small surprises while wandering the city... like a cute dog or a giant mouse mannequin.

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