Tuesday, March 31, 2015

One Last Fuzzy Home

 I wish woolly mammoths were still around. I'd love to see one in real life. I bet they were amazing. 

  A long time ago there was a little family looking for a place to live. They were tired of living underneath the snow or in air pockets within the glaciers. They lived on a seal once, but when the seal dove into the frosty sea, they all almost drowned. They lived in the broken half of penguins egg, but predator birds kept swooping down in search of easy food. The little family was ready to live somewhere warm and safe. They saw the woolly mammoths leg first. Strong, sturdy and covered with fuzzy fur. The family climbed up the leg. On top of the mammoths strong back they found a comfortable spot to build a home. It took forty-seven days to build the home, but once it was built, the little family knew it was the last place they would ever live. Inside their home, they build fires in the hearth and tell stories as the woolly mammoth lumbers across the snowy tundra. 

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