Saturday, March 14, 2015

Glimpsing the Miraclous Sea Goat

     The miraculous sea goat is a sight to see! He bleats like a goat and splashes around like a merry seal. One is quite lucky to glimpse the sea goat. He is rare. Many people don't even think he exists. But that is exactly what people use to think of the giant squid. The ocean is a vast place, full of mystery and wonder. The sea goat is just one of many of the mysterious creatures that live below the ocean's surface.
    Sea goat's usually have calm, even-mannered temperaments. They are omnivores, feasting on kelp mostly but also on an occasional sardine or other fishy delight. But when threatened, the sea goat is not afraid to strike! He uses his sharp head horns to fend of predators.
   Sea goat enthusiasts are conflicted on weather or not they want real proof of the sea goats existence. On one hand, their devotion to the rare animal will no longer seem like the ravings of madmen, as the creature they are championing will be considered real rather than a mythical beast. On the other hand, as soon as it's existence is proven, it's existence will immediately be in jeopardy. Human's from around the world will try to hunt down the creature for various nefarious reasons ranging from fear of strangeness to a greed driven by a desire to behold that which is wondrous to curiosity for scientific study. Hopefully, the sea goats of the world can live long peaceful lives without human disruption.

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