Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Wonderful Aquarium!

   I got an awesome, two part present from David for my birthday (which was several months ago on National Cat Day.) Part one: An awesome river otter pin. Part Two: A membership to the Seattle Aquarium! I love this present. Now I can go to the aquarium whenever I want without having to pay the entrance fee. And I like to be as nerdy as possible, so I try to remember to wear my otter pin while wandering the aquarium. One of these days, I'll be looking at the otters when one will catch a glimpse of my pin. He will give me a knowing glance and a nod, and I will be in! Finally, I will be a true member of the Secret Otter Society. 

   The aquarium is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places. I like popping in after work if I want to sit in the dome room and watch the fish or if I want to visit the sea mammals. If you are feeling down or depressed, I recommend watching sea otters for a couple of minutes and your spirits will easily be lifted by these playful rascals. I wish I had some otter pictures to share, but they move about so much that it makes it difficult to take a non-blurry shot. Besides the sea mammals, my favorite part of the aquarium is the underwater dome. It is the most peaceful spot in the entire aquarium.

This fish is huge! I have named him Sam but I am undecided if it is short for Samuel or Sampson. Any thoughts?

  This little fellow is a cuttlefish. Isn't he both strange and adorable? I love his large, sad eye. He looks like a cartoon of an alien's pet rather than a true animal of Earth.

This puffer fish is not so good at playing hide-n-seek. We can see you behind that thin stick of coral, silly puffer fish!

I love jellyfish! I wish there were more at the Seattle Aquarium. They are so lovely and ethereal looking. I bet the first human to see a jellyfish was amazed that such creatures actually exist.

The sea horse is such a cute and strange creature.

The bottom of the sea is full of interesting things from sea anemones to scuttling shrimps to fuzzy crabs.

Whose this speckled fellow? He is just relaxing in his purple world.


Love, Mom said...

You see and share the magic. Secret communication with the otters and now you are one of them; appreciation of the etherial at the aquarium. Thanks for sharing the delightful.

Amber said...

Thanks! It is definitely a magical place!