Thursday, January 8, 2015

Not Now

   Not now! Sometimes a person is too busy dancing with a pelican on her head to be bothered. 

   When Jean gets overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of life, she locks the doors, opens the windows and turns on her phonograph. With the volume up, she taps, turns, twists and twirls. She dances with great and merry abandon, she dances like a leaf in the wind. Jean lives near the ocean, and while she dances she can smell the sea air and hear the ocean waves during pauses in the music. The sea birds are all attracted the sound of Jean's feet clicking on the hardwood floor of her apartment. The sound reminds them of their mother clucking at them after feeding them meals of shellfish and kelp. The seabirds swoop through the open window to join Jean in her dancing. Mostly, the birds fly in swirling circles around Jean as she dances. But one of the pelicans always lands of Jean's head during her dances. Jean doesn't know, but the pelican thinks of Jean's head as a nest. The pelican wants to someday lay her eggs in the nest of Jean's hair. It warms the pelicans heart to think that someday her children will grow up in a world full of sea air, music and motion. 

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