Monday, January 19, 2015

Counting Cats and Books

Here are some pictures I took the other day after work.

  Today, I walked past a tow truck lot. One of the employees was walking through the lot with a cute little tabby cat by his side. I think he was the company cat! If your car gets impounded, the cute tabby probably helps make people feel less upset about their car situation. I think this scene got cats in my mind because later in the day, I became curious about how many cats exist in the world right now. When I typed my query into Google, they responded with "Did you mean how many cars exist in the world right now?" Umm, no, of course not Google!" Obviously it is more interesting to imagine the amount of cats in the world right now rather than the amount of cars. According to one of those websites where you go to get random questions answered by strangers with no credentials, there are 2 million cats. This seemed a little low in my estimate and thus my curiosity was not satiated by answer number one. Another one of those answer sites say that there are 600 million cats in the world. This seems more believable. 600 million cats!
  Since I was wondering 'how-many' questions, another one popped into my head: how many books exist in the world? According to a Google algorithm, there are almost 130 million! This is both wonderful and depressing. I will never get to all those books. I will miss out on so much!

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