Saturday, January 17, 2015

Gray Bird Desert

  Here is a sketch I did of a gray bird desert. A long time ago, the gray bird was thousands of miles long. On top of gray bird were spiky succulents, snakes and howling coyotes. But the water came, and the gray bird desert shrunk and shrunk until it was only large enough to carry one, single cactus.

   One day, while the gray bird swam in the stormy sea, the cactus on her back began to glow. In the dark, it shone brightly and cheerfully. From every reach of the world, the moths came. They gathered around the beautiful, green light. They circled around the cactus, to protect it and to celebrate it. Now the moths and the gray bird travel together. They float and bob on the sea. They tell each other stories. They laugh at sailors surprised faces. The moths flap their paper wings, the bird chirps sea bird shanties, and the cactus slowly grows.

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