Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Grandmother Beach

    Here are pictures of the ancient seashore, full of seashell trinkets and crinkling waves. I walked along this beach with my family. We shuffled along the sandy shore, stopping here and there to investigate heaps of seaweed spit up by the sea, or dried out jellyfish resembling cellophane or something else manufactured rather than something once alive. We watched the waves rumble toward us and swallow up sand and other beautiful things as the waves tumbled back away from us. Of course there were birds there too, but along with the seagulls and normal sea birds were ravens, hopping on pieces of drift wood and searching nooks and crannies for decaying things to consume. It was mostly empty at the beach. We were there in the morning. The other people there were with their dogs. The dogs were too excited and full of jubilant energy to notice the heavy clouds in the sky or the way the ravens eyed them as they frolicked across the sand. 

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