Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Muddy Boots and Farm Friends

   The holiday season is so fleeting. It seems like I was just at the pumpkin patch, searching the ground for the perfect pumpkin to carve for Halloween. David and I went to the pumpkin patch on a rainy afternoon. We drove out of the city and down a winding road to get to the pumpkin patch which is also a farm. On both sides of the road we saw pastures full of grazing cows. The year prior, we went to the same place. It was bustling with people. Everyone was filled with good cheer and merriment as they strolled through the farm, caramel apples and apple cider in toe. But this time we went midweek and during stormy weather so it had a completely different feel. Most of the seasonal stands were closed. The other people that were there trudged across the farm, heads down to avoid rain splattering on their face, hands in their pockets. It was bleak and dreary but beautiful. The animals were quiet and reserved. Since there weren't very many people, the crows felt comfortable descending from the sky to perch on top of bright orange pumpkins.

   The first part of our pumpkin patch excursion was spent with the animals. I love any opportunity to see animals close up. As you can see a couple of pictures down, I made friends with a sweet miniature donkey. David made friends with a curious llama. What can I say, we make friends wherever we go!

I made a new friend!

David made a new friend!

   The second part of our pumpkin patch adventure was spent tromping through the mud in search of a perfect pumpkin. I couldn't settle on just one and chose one traditional pumpkin and one bumpy, reddish pumpkin. David was more practical and found one, very large pumpkin.


Laurie Duncan said...

Beautiful pix! I always love seeing the goats, they are just too cute! :)

Love, Mom said...

You have a beautiful smile! And I love your bumpy pumpkin. That is a great pic of you two.
Also like the pic of David looking like the llama, both looking at you in a llama way.