Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Be Happy

    A wise person once said, 'Be happy, you in the woods.' 


And it is true. It is down right silly not to be happy while wandering the woods. David and I were certainly happy during our jaunt through this moss and fern covered forest.



   It is easy to feel small in the woods, surrounded by so many towering trees.


  But the forest is full of small things too. Tiny bugs, crawling, scuttling and inching across the forest floor. Mushrooms and other fungi bulging like balloons, billowing like an open fan or sitting daintily atop a log.

      At the end of our hike, we came across a meadow that once was a baseball field. Now it is nothing but over grown grass surrounded by trees. There is a creaky fence that you have to open to get into the field. It seemed like a sad and haunted place. I can definitely imagine ghosts inhabiting that field. The ghosts would play baseball the entire day and once night settles over the forest, they would disperse to wander the woods.  


Laurie Duncan said...

Lovely photos! I think a meadow is better than a baseball field, but maybe that's just me. :)

Autumn Elixe said...

What a nice sentiment - I will try to remember tomorrow morning when we are going to take our Christmas hike: Be Happy - You in the Woods! So true!
Love the pictures. Your woods look so happy and diverse with all the living creatures and plants and shrooms.