Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cecily and the Cats Dance to the Sound of Old Songs on the Radio

  Here is a picture I made for the Illustration Friday challenge. This weeks theme is radio.

   Cecily heard the same prattling pop song on the radio for what felt like the millionth time. She decided it was time to find a new radio station to enjoy. While shuffling thorough various radio waves, she came across a ghost radio station! All of the songs were old and beautiful. They crackled with energy and heart.They reverberated with decade old stories. When she looked at her radio, she saw the ghosts of old voices gliding through the speakers and glowing in the air. A long time ago, Cecily was afraid of ghosts. But many things had happened since her days of fearing ghosts. And when she saw the ghosts hovering and singing around her radio, her only instinct was to dance. Her two cats, Fluffy and Marigold, were just as excited to strut, shimmy and tap along to the old songs.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Hi Amber!! A ghost radio story - how cool!! :-)

Autumn Elixe said...

Very cute picture and story.

Amber said...

Thank you both!