Friday, September 5, 2014

A History of the Old Tannery

   My parents and I were near the seashore when we drove past an old tannery. From the road we witnessed an amazing (and gigantic!) statue of two cows sitting on each others shoulders. We had to further investigate! Here is the photographic evidence of what we discovered. 

  Once, a long time ago, the tannery was full of grizzled, hunched back men. From the dried hides of creatures that once roamed grassy farmland, these men created leather. While working on the leather, the men day dreamed or thought about their wives. They pretended they were making leather specifically so they could create something beautiful to take home to their wives... elegant boots or a sophisticated purse. Instead they made leather for people all around the world. The leather they created was made into jacket for a blackberry farmer so he could pick his berries without worrying over injuries inflicted by sharp thorns. The leather was made into a chair for a woman far away to sit on when she came home from a hard day of work and needed somewhere sturdy to rest. The leather was made into cowboy boots for an old man who can no longer ride horses across open plains, but can wear his boots and remember the feeling of old horseback adventures.
  Well, at least this is what I imagine. I tried to find the history of the tannery, but couldn't find anything definite. Now the tannery is an art center. So the ghosts of all the day dreaming tannery workers can mingle with all the dreams of the artists, hovering just over their heads as the artists paint, or dance, or make up stories.  


Autumn Elixe said...

Love those 2 huge cows!

Amber said...

Yeah, they were pretty awesome!