Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Amazing Sea Lion

   I was at the ocean where I watched the sea lions underneath the wharf. They hollered, hooted, arfed and barked.
   The life of a sea lion: He lazes around in the afternoon sunshine; He flops into the refreshing sea and splashes about while chasing fish here and there; He is back underneath the wharf, lounging around some more; He sings jolly sea lion songs with his buddies, and the songs go like this "arf, arf, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrf. Bark bark arf." What could they be singing about? Lost loves living underneath far-off wharves? Close encounters with sharks? How the sea lion is the grandest of all sea mammals?
  I love watching the sea lions. They are so amazing. Can you imagine being as big as a sea lion? On land, mobility looks miserable. They are forced to do a shuffling waddle that surely must be uncomfortable since their body basically has to scrape against the surface they are moving over. But once they are in the water, they are free and graceful like dancers. Their massive weights hardly matter. They can move in any direction as the water laps around them. It must be frustrating to know they can move with such grace but are forced to move slowly and clumsily on land.
  But, it turns out being a sea lion isn't just about singing love-filled sea shanties, and splash-frolicking through beautiful seaweed forests. No, not at all! While observing these majestic creatures, I witnessed a tense situation: A sea lion encounter that could have easily turned into a sea lion brawl. Sea lion one, we'll call him Eddie, waddles along two wooden planks underneath the wharf. Sea lion two, we'll call him Hershey, is sitting on the plank that Eddie is waddling toward. Hershey is like "HELL NO EDDIE! Stay away from me!" Eddie, ever the diplomat, retreats. Here it is in graphic visual detail!

Most of the other sea lions, however, had a more 'sharing is caring' outlook. They are so cute when they snuggle together.

Look at these cute fellows!

I watched them swimming in the water too. When these two swam by, the little girl next to me squealed with delight and said "Look at those two lovebirds!"

And here's a guy swimming solo, enjoying the wild and fancy-free lifestyle of an unattached bachelor.

I even got to see a sea lion baby! Talk about adorable! She is cuddling with her mother.

I will end this post with a couple of sea lion themed popsicle-stick jokes:

What do you call a citrusy sea creature?
 .... A Vitamin C Lion.

What is the most important position in the underwater circus?
.... The sea lion tamer.

What was the number one country hit under the sea?
.... Blame it on your sea lion, cheating heart.

How do the baby marine animals learn their alphabet?
..... by singing their "A, B, C-lions!

What does the skeptical sea animal say?
...."I'll believe it when I see lion it."

I could keep going with these jokes, and I really want to, but for everyone else's sake, I will restrain myself. 


Laurie Duncan said...

Beautiful animals! They must be so much fun to watch! :)

Amber said...

Yes, I agree! They are a blast to watch.