Friday, August 29, 2014

That One Dream about Sea and the Wharf

  I love wharves because there is something surreal and dreamlike about them. They are solid structures that jut out into the moving sea. All around, I can hear the sound of jostling waves, but the wharf remains unmoved. It was this wharf in California where I saw the sea lions, and their comical yet mournful bark echoed around in the air. The voices of the sea lions mingled with the squawk of the seagull, the swoosh of the surf and the chatter of the tourists. The sounds of the wharf are not it's only dreamlike quality. The abundance of bright and jolly colors that coat the wharf also make it seem otherworldly. The colors of the wharf are simultaneously saturated and deteriorating. Signs and buildings are painted with bright colors to attract the tourists, but the humid salt air wreaks havoc on the color.

     Now that I've looked over the photos I took at the wharf, it seems as if I was quite fascinated by the seagulls. I would have thought I'd get enough of them living in Seattle, but apparently not! On one of the rooftops their was a young gray seagull meeping at a plastic owl. I was worried that she had lost her mother and was trying to adopt the plastic owl to take care of her instead. Poor thing!
  Next to the wharf is a sandy beach where I went swimming in the sea. I haven't gone swimming in the ocean in a very long time! It was nice to be immersed in the ocean again. I could feel the loose strands of seaweed brush up against my toes or tangle around my ankles. The waves were very gentle and I peacefully bobbed on them. 


Autumn Elixe said...

Very nice pics and descriptions. Makes me love the wharf and especially the seagulls. Love that black seagull(?) flying away towards the water. And like ee cummings says, "For whatever we lose(like a you or a me), it's always ourselves we find in the sea."

Amber said...

Thank you! And thanks for sharing the ee cummings quote. It is really beautiful! It makes me want to check a ee cummings poetry collection out from the library.