Monday, August 4, 2014

Sunshine and Picture Books

  One thing that I think is a great Summer activity is laying out a blanket on a nice patch of grass while perusing through art books. I got a stack of interesting picture-filled books recently from the library.

( I just noticed that Little Big Books and A Map of the World share two of the same editors. Obviously I like these two people's tastes!)

Unusual Creatures:

'Unusual Creatures' is a book full of awesomely illustrated animals. And as the name suggests, not your average animal, they are quite unusual. I like the giant salamander because I think I saw one once in some one's front yard. The leafy Sea Dragon seems like a beautiful creature. I wonder why there are not more animals that have evolved to resemble plants. It seems like a good method of camouflage.

Little Big Books:

 I love illustrations from children's books. I love that they are full of whimsy, story and imagination. I find this sort of art very inspiring.

A Map of the World:

  When I am using a map to actually try and get somewhere, maps stress me out. But appreciating the beauty of maps as pieces of art is fun. Also, maps inspire the imagination. It is fun to look at them and imagine going to the places depicted.

Fritz Kahn:

Fritz Kahn's illustrations are so cool! They are very scientific looking without always being true to science. Although that is not to say that all his science themed illustrations are inaccurate. 

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