Friday, August 1, 2014

Sky Alert!

(A little toy mouse with armored ears; A glass on grass; Wires, weeds and duck faces; Kitty-cats.)

 A couple of weeks ago I woke up, checked my phone and was greeted with a barrage of instagram pictures of the most glorious sunset painting the Seattle sky.... and I missed it! Instead of starring up with appreciation at that sunset, I had been doing something mundane indoors with the curtains closed. This gave me an idea! It is for a new phone app called Sky Alert! (the exclamation point is part of the name). Sky Alert! would alert users whenever an interesting sky event was going on. Users could also pick and choose which sky events they want to be alerted to. If you are a rainbow person but not a sunset person, you would be able to set your alerts to include no sunset alerts. Besides rainbows and sunsets, Sky Alert! would also notify users of snow (very useful to Seattle users where snow really is a big deal, but perhaps Midwest dwellers will opt out of this one), sun rises, meteor showers, the moon when it is an usual color or especially large size, when the sky is especially clear and good for star gazing, hail, thunder and lightening (in case you are listening to loud music when the thunder begins) and surprise fireworks shows (you never know!). I thought about including in Sky Alert! alerts for when a cloud looks like some sort of picture. You know, like when a cloud looks like a bunny. But cloud shapes are so fleeting. I decided that this would only frustrate the user. I imagine someone dashing out doors in hopes of seeing a cloud with a remarkable resemblance to the Mona Lisa only to be greeted with fluffy wisps.

(Little Ball of wishes; A bouquet of lost flowers; Seashell between my fingertips; Little darling.)


Laurie Duncan said...

Not a bad idea! I often miss sunsets in summer because we keep the curtains closed to keep our living room cooler. And I always seem to miss rainbows! :)

Amber said...

Thanks Laurie! It is such a bummer to miss a cool sunset or rainbow.