Friday, July 11, 2014

Edna Knits a Cocoon for the Reluctant Caterpillar

Here is an illustration I finished recently of Edna using her crafting skills to help out a caterpillar not quite ready for adulthood.... or mothhood.

   Edna loves to watch the giant moths of Hillderberry Road soar through the sky. They flutter their gauzy wings and soar toward the sun. At night time, with the moon light illuminating their wings, they look like ghosts or the embodiment of dreams manifested into a physical form. Before the caterpillars change, Edna sees them oscillating along the ground, their fuzzy bodies collecting stray particles of dust or dandelion fluff. She often befriends the fuzzy fellows, and feeds them morsels of food. Mostly, the caterpillars like eating muffins or pieces of fruit. One of her caterpillar friends, Thomas, didn't seem to take the same cue and his companions. While the other's built beautiful structures to metamorph in, Thomas continued with his usual caterpillar ways. No matter how much encouragement or pep talks Edna gave the little creature, Thomas refused to participate in building himself a cocoon. Edna thought it was because Thomas was lazy, but one day, she came across Thomas in the woods. The poor little guy was trying his darndest to build a cocoon but he only seemed to produce rubbish. He was surrounded by lumpy and lopsided failed-attempts at cocoons. Thomas wasn't lazy at all. His reluctance to transform was only due to his failure at the craft of cocoon building. Edna decided she would help poor Thomas by using her own skills as a crafts person. She bought the softest yarn she could find and set to work knitting Thomas his very own cocoon.

  While working on this picture, I picked a bouquet of flowers (well, weeds depending on how you look at it) on the way home from work to set on my table. Mysteriously overnight, one of the flowers dropped a weird liquid onto my picture, leaving a brownish ring in the tree where Thomas's knitted cocoon hangs. Maybe the flower thought she was helping me out?

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