Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Creatures Crossing Streets

    A day spent wandering the woods and along the shore is a good day indeed! Here are some photos I took recently while walking around a local park.

   I saw the coolest thing yesterday. I was in the car with David on an expedition to satiate our hunger with sandwiches. We got to an intersection when we saw something strange. A creature lumbering across the street. It was not a dog and not a cat. Usually when a mammal is spotted crossing a Seattle street and it is neither dog nor cat, it is a raccoon. But this creature was no raccoon. She was larger than a raccoon, wetter than a raccoon and browner then a raccoon. She was stout and walked with a waddle. And most noticeably she had a flat, paddle-like tail... a beaver tail! That's right, I saw a beaver crossing the street. It was awesome! 


Laurie Duncan said...

That's so cool, I would love to see a beaver! I once saw an opossum walk right past may basement windows, I was speechless! Wish I could've gotten a pic of him.

Amber said...

Hi Laurie,
It really was amazing! Opossums are really neat too. Such strange looking little animals. I felt the same way with the beaver... I wished I got a picture!

Autumn Elixe said...

You have such a beautiful local park!