Thursday, July 3, 2014

Albert and Vera Listen to the Fox as he Tells Ghost Stories

  The fox was always a story teller. While living in the woods, he would tell stories to the birds, stories to the bears, and stories to the wilting wildflowers. With his stories, he could bring things into existence. He once told a story about a brave and noble fox who went on grand adventures. Next thing he knew, that very fox existed. For a while they were friends, but it turns out they were too similar, and after days of fighting, they decided it would be better if they lived on separate sides of the forest. When the fox is hungry, he tells stories of ice cream sundaes and pot pie. When the fox is tired of clouds he tells stories of sunshine and when he longs for a breezy, rain-moistened day, he tells stories of storms.
   One day, the fox ran into Albert and Vera as they traversed through the very woods he inhabited. The two young people had the look of bright-eyed enthusiasm that always tickled the fox.
  "Hello folks!" The fox said just as Vera was climbing over a log in her way.
  "Oh, why hello there." Vera said as Albert nodded his head bearded head.
  "What brings you to the woods?" The fox asked.
  "Well!" Vera exclaimed, already eager to explain their mission. "Albert and I are ghost hunters. And these very woods are supposedly haunted! We don't care what all the nonbelievers think. We just know in our heart that ghosts must be true!"
  The fox had on good authority that ghosts indeed were not true and did not exist. But he hated to snuff the twinkles that glimmered in Vera and Albert's eyes. Instead he hatched a plan.
  "Come with me and I will show you some ghosts." The fox said.
  The fox brought Albert and Vera to the top of the hill, which was his favorite place to tell a story.
  "Gather around me." The fox said. It was how he begun many of his stories. "Let me tell you about the Old Wailer of Haunted Hill. In his life, he was a sea caption, in his death, he was a wailing ghost!"
  As the fox told story after story, the two eager ghost hunters watched in delight as they finally saw real life ghosts flutter around them like moths in the daylight.


Autumn Elixe said...


S. D. Browne said...

I love you're illustrations, and your stories are wonderful and magical!

Amber said...

Thank you Autumn and S.D.!