Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rainy Day at the Park

   I was very optimistic the day I set out to spend the afternoon at Magnusun Park. I brought a blanket, a picnic and a book with the intention of spending my time lounging by the shore while reading my book underneath an array of sun rays. I do not know where I gathered this optimism about the weather that day, certainly not from the sky which was gray and bunched with clouds as I set out. By the time I arrived, the rain had already started. My red rain boots remained at home and instead my feet were clad in mostly canvas blue shoes. My jacket was flimsy and made from cotton. But it was Spring, and I was there, so I set out to wander Magnusun despite the rain. I did have the good sense to leave my book behind and thus changed my Magnusun plans to include a walk rather than a lounge.
   It was fun wandering around in the rain, although my feet were soaked within the first five minutes. There were other people out. Mainly runners, all wearing numbers. I could hear the patter of their feet behind me as they thudded across the wet gravel paths. As they passed me, I could see their rain soaked heads and for the split second before they were in front of me, I could see their red cheeks.
   When I went on this walk, the blossoms were still new. Flowers are such a relief after the long Winter. I never felt this way until I moved to Seattle. I know Seattle Winters are nothing to complain about compared to the Midwest and other snowier locations, but I miss all the flowers and greenery during the Winters. The city seems emptier and lonelier with so many bare branches.
   I saw a crow in the rain too. He had round drops on his sleek black feathers. He wasn't bothered by the rain, because crows are not bothered by much. I find it is a good idea to observe crows whenever possible. They are amazing birds. Smart, shrewd and resourceful, the crow is no ordinary bird.
 At one point I decided to take a 'secret path' which led me to marshy low land  in which all the foot paths had been converted into mini-streams. I was too far to turn around, so I strode onward through the murk, my feet sloshing through tangled weeds and muddy water. But shortly after this, I decided my walk was over.


Anonymous said...

I love it!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love the way in which you described everything here. I love a rainy day :)

Laurie Duncan said...

It's been crazy hot here, and then rainy all weekend. So now I'm ready for some sun and 70s that we are supposed to get. At least you got some pretty pics! :)