Friday, June 20, 2014

Piano and Cake

(Abandoned Piano with the memory of one hundred different fingers and one hundred different songs still smudged like ink and ghosts on it's ivory keys)

  It is BBQ season! Well, at least in most parts of the country. In Seattle, it is gray and windy. But it is June, so we put on determined expressions and sally forth with the BBQ's. Yesterday I came up with a really good food invention for BBQ season: Cornbread Hot Dog Buns! As a (mostly) vegetarian, I have an easy time finding fake hot dogs, but not such an easy time finding fake corn dogs. They are not impossible to find, but there is really only one readily available brand and it is only okay. And I love corn dogs! With cornbread hot dog buns, I would get to experience the joy of a readily available and delicious corn dog. Also, meat eaters would be just as happy with cornbread hot dog buns. Imagine a delicious BBQed hot dog surrounded by fluffy cornbread bun.

(Abandoned cake, meant for someone special but left for the dogs and other scavengers to find and devour.)


Erik Bartlam said...

Ma'am...for my day job, I am a food broker. This is not a horrible fact it's a good idea.

The first issue you've got to settle is cooking them...your gonna need crust all around to keep them from falling apart. Maybe a double U shaped cast iron on it.

Secondly, if you want the kind of invaluable service that I can provide, I'll need 20 grand up front. Marketing understand. Then I'll need a guaranteed 2,000 a month for the first six months...I'll be devoting a lot of time to this product without any assurances of a return.

I think you've gotta winner here...I look forward to partnering with you. I feel I can make a lot of money off your initial investment.


Amber said...

Hi Erik, I have to say, I am quite complemented by your enthusiasm for my cornbread hot dog bun idea. Normally when I have an invention idea that I share, the reception is rather ho-hum (never the response I think the ideas deserve...haha). Unfortunately, twenty grand is an amount of money I just do not have.