Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Tailor from Bird Village Brings the Lady of the Lake her Disguise for the Ball

 Here is an illustration I made for David's birthday, which was in March. It was made with Gouache, Acrylic, Tea, and pen.

     Every Spring, an annual ball is held deep in the woods. All of the kingdoms most revered wise people must attend. Among these important dignitaries are: The Tree Mistress, The Mountain Man, The Cloud Twins and of course the Lady of the Lake. For three days and three nights, the wise people dance. On the fourth morning, they gather around a grand table to discuss important issues of their world. These issues include mundane questions such as: should the elves or water nymphs host the flower day parade this year? Or more serious questions, such as: will the cave ghosts return this year to once again wreck havoc, and if so, how best to discourage their rascally ways?
   The Lady of the Lake has attended the ball for five-hundred years and always wears the same gown. A green gown made out of lily pads and sewn together with thin strands of lake weed. But one day, while wandering along the shores of her lake, she met a most interesting gentleman. He was a spry, bearded man with nimble fingers and kind eyes. He sat at the edge of the lake, sewing together feathers to create a wondrous coat.
  "What is that you are making?" The Lady of the Lake asked.
   The man, startled by her voice but pleased with the company, explained he was creating a jacket for his great-great-great grandfather, who traveled back to their world from the afterlife every Spring. "Every April, he stays with us for a month. But he is always so cold. Sometimes we cannot even understand his words because his teeth chatter so much. So I am making him a coat to keep him warm before he must return to the afterlife. I am a tailor by trade, and create all of my clothing from feathers. I am from the Bird Village and feathers are an abundant resource."
  The Lady of the lake was fascinated by the Bird Village tailor.and he was equally fascinated by her. For hours they talked and laughed. But when The Lady of the Lake noticed the orange and pink hues blushing the sky, she realized the day was almost over.
  "Oh! There is still so much I must do to prepare the lake for night! I must be off!" The Lady of the Lake sprinted away from the tailor and back to her lake.
   Throughout the week she thought often of the tailor, wishing they could meet again. She wanted to hear more about his life in the Bird Village. She wanted to see more of his feathered creations. So when she realized that the annual ball was only weeks away, she had the perfect excuse to commission the tailor to create a dress for her. Her frog servants traveled to the Bird Village to speak to the tailor, requesting a gown for their revered Lady of the Lake. The Lady of the Lake did not reveal the real reason she was so eager to see the new gown.
   Now, as she sees the tailor drift toward her on his coot stead, she tries to keep a stoic expression, but she can feel her heart flutter like a bird in her chest. 


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Amber your creativity never ceases to amaze me. YOu would like some of my fellow bloggers who do similar things! I need to send them your way :)

Amber said...

Thanks Keith! I would love to see the blogs of the fellow bloggers you speak of!