Monday, April 21, 2014

Lucy Finally Meets the Rain Monster

  Here is another illustration of Lucy and the Rain Monster.

     Lucy told her friend that every time it rains, she has this nagging feeling that she is being followed. But when she looks around, she never sees any one else, except for sometimes strangers occupied with their own business. Her friend gave her a concerned look mingled with pity. What sort of stalker would only com out in the rain? Lucy scowled at her friend's condescending look and didn't continue her story. Because the thing was, although she did feel she was being followed every time it rained, the follower felt benevolent. This wasn't some sort of sinister stalker lurking in the shadows, it was something else. 
   Still, just in case she was right about the follower but not right about the good intentions, she got her self a dog escort. BeBe and Lucy became fast friends. BeBe was a delightful dog who liked cuddling, leaping, long walks and chasing butterflies through fields. Lucy also liked cuddling, leaping, long walks and chasing butterflies through fields. The two were never bored in each other's presence. In fact,  BeBe and Lucy spent the whole summer delighting in each other's company. During the first rain of Fall, Lucy forgot all about her reservations about being followed. Lucy and BeBe set out on a rainy day walk together. But while walking past her neighbor's houses, BeBe's ears perked and her little nose sniffed the moist air. BeBe turned around quickly and barked a friendly yip. Lucy turned around too, and that is when she saw him.... The rain monster. 
    The rain monster blushed and averted his eyes, realizing the jig was up and he had been caught. In the past, the rain monster was able to sense that Lucy would turn around, and he would quickly transform into ordinary rain before Lucy had a chance to spot him. But BeBe's instincts and quick reaction time were much more advanced than Lucy's. 
    Lucy was too shocked to speak. She had wondered about being followed, but certainly not by a magical creature. The rain monster cleared his throat and said "Excuse me Madam, I am the rain monster and I humbly beg your kind acquaintance." 
    Lucy was still too shocked to speak and was quiet for a moment, but then BeBe barked pleasantly, a chiming happy bark that Lucy knew well enough meant that her dog friend was full of glee. Lucy cleared her own throat and said 'Why, how do you do? It is nice to finally meet you."


Susan Christensen said...

Amber, I love the gentle rain monster. Sounds from the weather forecast as if we will all be meeting the monster this week! -sus

Erik Bartlam said...

The way the rain monster isn't distinctly outlined but blocked out by the grass is great...filled in with rain drops having a shape but not...i love it.

Amber said...

Sus- Thank you! Haha, I think you are right! As much as I'd like to see the rain monster, I am so looking forward to sunny days!
Erik- Thank you! I had fun making it and will probably do more rain monster and Lucy pictures in the future.

Karoline KD A. said...

Cool idea on the rain creature, how it looks like. Very interesting technique too. Great work ! :)

Amber said...

Thanks so much Karoline!