Monday, March 17, 2014

While Performing a Seemingly Mundane Task, Rosie Meets the Wondrous Leaf Monster

  Here is a not-very-Spring-themed picture I made recently just in time for Spring... which is only three days away! Huzzah!

  The air was crisp, and alive with an Autumn breeze. A perfect day to pull on the boots, put on a jacket and rake up leaves. It is a task that needs to be done before the rain starts and makes the ground mucky with mud. Rosie loves the outdoors and she sees raking up the leaves as the last bit of outdoor enjoyment she will get before the cold forces her in doors. She spends her Winters bundled up with blankets and books. Despite her love for a good book, she always finds her eyes wandering to the window where she looks wistfully toward the snow covered outdoors.
    Most of the time when she rakes, she rakes a neat pile and that-is-that. But on this day,something odd happened. Her leaf pile seemed to come alive! The leaf pile grew a little face right before her eyes. It was the most astonishing thing she had ever seen.
    "Hello there!" Rosie said. But the grumpy leaf pile sat slumped and silent with a petulant look on his face. Rosie didn't know what to do. Should she leave the leaf pile alone? Should she protect it some how from being blown away in the wind? Should she adopt it as a pet? And what does one feed a pet leaf pile?
  While she pondered these questions a great gust of wind pulled most of the remaining leaves off the surrounding trees. The leaves danced around in the air. But instead of fluttering to the ground the way leaves usually do, the leaves moved as if compelled by an invisible hand. They seemed to be forming something in the air. Before Rosie's eyes, the leaf monster materialized.
  The leaf monster walked toward Rosie. But, much to Rosie's relief and disappointment, the strange creature had little interest in Rosie herself. The leaf monster had eyes only for the leaf pile with the face sitting by Rosie's feet.
  "Henry!" the leaf monster said. "I have been looking for you for ages. For eons! For centuries! Every Fall, I try to find you, but it is never you. And finally, here you are!"
  Suddenly, the leaf piles grouchy expression transformed into one alive with glee. "Adelaide!" the leaf pile Henry cried. "Oh my sweet, sweet Adelaide!"
   Henry began to wiggle and rustle and move until he too transformed into a leaf monster. The two leaf monsters embraced and sobbed with both mirth and sorrow into each other's shoulders. Then, without a backwards glance at Rosie, they trotted off together, full of laughter and declarations of sweet sentiments.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Leaf people and leaf monsters - I can dig it!

Erik Bartlam said...

The pile is my favorite. It made me chuckle when I realized it was there.

The work as always is excellent.

Autumn Elixe said...

I like the picture and story. Autumn Elixe

ApollineR said...

I like both the story and the drawing. You're very imaginative.

Amber said...

Keith- haha, yep! I like my leaves, especially imaginary creatures/people made of leaves!
Erik- Thanks! I am glad it made you chuckle. That is always a good reaction!
Autumn-Thanks! I had fun on both.
ApollineR- Thanks! That is kind of you to say so!