Thursday, March 27, 2014

Horace Cowers Behind the Tree when he Spots the Menacing Moth Hunters

   Here is a recent illustration of mine.

     "Here they come again." Horace thought when he saw Bubbles and Annie walking toward the lawn. "The Moth Hunters." Horace shuddered as he said the name under his breath. He'd seen The Moth Hunters before. They frolicked around the grass trying to capture his brethren. With no regard for a thing except their own 'joie de vivre,' The Moth Hunters rampaged across the grass, terrorizing any winged creature they spotted.
   When he saw Bubbles and Annie approaching, he hollered 'RUNNNN!' to all his winged friends. But they fluttered about unperturbed by his dire warning.
  "Fools!" Horace declared before cowering behind the tree just in time to avoid The Moth Hunters. From his hiding place he cringed as he saw Bubbles leap in the air toward a moth, yapping merrily as he ascended toward his potential victim. And that boisterous Annie. She swung her net around like a sword. Once Horace had even seen her laughing like a maniac as her net swooped over a moth, capturing the poor creature in the silky mesh. His moth friends may be unaware, but Horace new that these two were not to be trifled with. 

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