Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Charlotte Tries to Bribe the Rabbit Queen into Letting her Join the Rabbit Kingdom

Here is a recent illustration I did of Charlotte and the rabbit queen. It is made with acrylic, gouache and tea.

  Charlotte moved from the city to a little house in the countryside. She loved being able to keep her windows open all the time. Instead of worrying about criminals sneaking through her open windows, she could enjoy the fresh air blowing its way in her house. Sometimes, Charlotte liked to sit very still in her living room and watch the wind. It would shimmy through the window, inflating her drab curtains with blustering life. Then it would dance into her living room, rattling the teacups in her cabinet and rustling the pages of an open book. Sometimes, the wind even blew Charlotte's hair behind her ears, like an affectionate gesture from a doting aunt. One day while sitting still in her living room, the wind brought something else into the room too. It was the sound of something far off in the country. The sound of thumps. The sound of dancing. The sound of a strumming guitar and a myriad of strange singing voices.
  Charlotte's proclivity toward sitting motionless in a vacant room may make her seem dull and inclined to avoid adventure. But this is very far from the truth. Charlotte has a keen desire for adventure and a thirst to explore her ever growing curiosities. So when she heard the strange sounds, she had to discover what it was that was making the sounds. On tip toes, she scampered toward the sound. It seemed like the noise was coming from nowhere. Or rather, it were coming from underground.
    'How peculiar!' Charlotte thought. She pressed her ear to the ground, and the sounds grew ever more clear. Then, she saw the hole.
     "Ah-ha!" Charlotte declared. She knew she had found an entrance to a strange and wonderful world. She dangled her leg into the hole with the intent of crawling inside so she could begin her exploration. Before she could get any further, something furry pushed against her leg. It was a giant rabbit.
   "Who goes there!" the rabbit said.
   "Oh my! It is I, Charlotte, and I beg admittance to your wondrous kingdom." Seeing the crown on the giant rabbits head, Charlotte knew immediately that what she had discovered was the rabbit kingdom. No explanation was needed, she could feel in her bones, down to the poorly healed fracture in her knee. She had finally found a place of true magic.
"Young, naive Charlotte." the rabbit queen said and chuckled. "It takes more effort than that to gain admittance to our kingdom."  With that, the queen hopped back down her rabbit hole.
  Charlotte was not deterred by the rabbits slightly rude response. She knew she would eventually make her way to the rabbit kingdom. The next day, Charlotte brought the rabbit queen the most beautiful wildflower she could find growing in the field behind her house. Who could resist the allure of a beautiful flower?

(I plan to do at least one more Rabbit Kingdom illustration... so this story is 'To Be Continued.......')


Ana said...

great story, I'll wait to see how it ends :)
I love the brush strokes and colors on the rabbit queen.

Susi-Art said...

nice idea with lovely illustrations!

Erik Bartlam said...

The image is fantastic...the rabbit is especially good. Like the girl in the water, there's something quirky but perfect in the composition. It's pleasantly surprising.
Again, the rabbit is really a knock out. I love the ground cover.

Amber said...

Thank you all for the kind comments. I really liked making this one!