Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunshine and Gloom (and Cats!)

(A fortress wall constructed out of circles, explosion of ferns and weeds through a crack in a wooden wall, a coiled fern, a water filled jam jar on green lawn.)

  I finished reading another really good graphic novel recently called "Wake Up, Percy Gloom!" by Cathy Malkasian. I loved Malkasian's other books 'Percy Gloom' and 'Temperance' so I was excited to find out that she had a new one I had not yet read!

   'Wake Up, Percy Gloom!' is a whimsical story about an odd yet kind little misfit of a man named Percy Gloom. He is a man with a good heart, a queasy stomach and a penchant for finding himself in adventures. 'Wake Up, Percy Gloom!' also follows the adventures of Percy's mother, a woman who is both younger and older than she appears.
  What I loved about 'Wake Up, Percy Gloom!' is that it is a story that is very dream-like and folkloric.The characters are ordinary enough to feel relatable but fantastical enough to take us along on magical and delightful journeys to strange lands full of strange inventions. Another thing I love about this book is all the main characters are filled with such heart and compassion. Even the harder-edged characters are not impervious to the softening effect by Percy's kind heart.

(Cats I Have Known (cats I have met when out-and-about on day-to-day sort of adventures): Beach Kitty, Cow Cat, Boat Kitty, Friendly yet Camera-Shy Kitty)


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Oh my gosh I love the orange one!! Which name belongs to him/her??

Amber said...

The orange one is Boat Kitty. He is quite a friendly little fellow too!