Sunday, February 9, 2014


  I know most everyone else in the country is getting tired of the snow, but yesterday in Seattle it snowed!!!! This is very exciting for us Seattlites as it does not snow very often. Yesterday was only the second day of snow we have had this Winter and the first day was a pretty measly amount of snow. I took some pictures and frolicked joyfully in the snow before hunkering inside where I enjoyed the warmth of my house while watching movies.

Snow! Hooray! 

It looks like rain falling, but it is snow! 

Mini-Snow Person

   While avoiding the cold, I've been watching a lot of the TV show "Call the Midwife!' (exclamation point added by me because I think the title needs one in order to accurately convey the urgency of needing a midwife.) One thing I have noticed about this show and many other British shows is the houses have awesome wallpaper! Is it common for houses in Britain to have beautiful wallpaper or is this just something British set designers use? Out off all the houses I have lived in (that I remember), they all had white walls. Except for one apartment that had a ceiling that was painted pale blue with fluffy white clouds to resemble the sky. I loved that ceiling! But I would also love to live in a house that had beautiful wallpaper. Maybe now that Americans have such easy access to British shows, interior designers will be inspired to add wallpaper to more American homes. 


Laurie said...

Does the snow last very long? I wouldn't mind getting snow once or twice a year if it didn't last! :)
I haven't seen call the midwife, but I love british shows, esp. Sherlock!
I'm also watching "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries", fabulous 20's decor! :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Is it still on the ground at all? I am so happy for you that you got snow :)

Autumn Elixe said...

Fun pic of you two and great pics of the snow. Makes almost everything look either beautiful or more interesting.

Susan Christensen said...

Ambre, I am excited to find your blog. Your illustrations and photographs are amazing!
best wishes, sus

Erik Bartlam said...

We have our fingers crossed now for freezing temperatures in the morning. It's raining and the least bit of ice or snow shuts it all down...for good reason. We have no business driving in the ice.

I'm miserable when it gets below 60 degrees so what's the difference between 33 and 32? Other than getting to stay home and watch trash tv all day.

We lived in an old Victorian home when I was a teenager...big stone wrap around porch, painted four different colors and the most outrageous wallpaper I've ever seen. It looked hand painted...big gardenias in one of the rooms.

Fun pictures.

Amber said...

Laurie- The snow here rarely lasts long. It snowed on Saturday night, and there was snow on the ground all of Sunday, but by the end of Monday it was gone. And today it was almost 60 degrees which felt like the tropics compared to the cold of last week!

Keith- Thanks! It was really exciting! It was on the ground for a day which was fun because I got to see the snow falling at night and then I still could enjoy it the next day.

Autumn- Thanks! And I agree about snow making everything look more beautiful... unless it sticks around to long! haha...

Susan- Thanks so much! I am excited I found your blog too!

Erik-I hope the ice wasn't too bad for you. Driving on icy roads sounds scary. But having an excuse to watch trash TV is fun! Your old Victorian house from when you were a teen sounds so cool! The wall paper sounds especially amazing!