Monday, February 24, 2014

Rufus and Oscar Watch as the Smoke Man Performs Feats of Great Skill

  Here is an illustration I did for my dad. I used acrylic, tea and gouache.

   Rufus and Oscar both live in town, but when they spend too much time away from the wilderness, they get antsy. While at his day job working at the used book store, Rufus realized he had been staring out the window toward the woods when he should have been shelving books. The woods were calling to him! That night, he contacted Oscar.
  "It is time for another woodland adventure!" Rufus declared.
  Oscar, who was raised in the woods by wolves, had even more of a wild spirit then his forest-loving friend. He had been eager to rejoin the woods for a long while but patiently waited for the call of the woods to summon his friend. Oscar howled with excitement and said "I'll be ready by Tuesday!"
 While in the woods, the two friends do not pack food and instead rely on the forest to provide them meals. Whether it is fish from the stream or fresh blackberries from a thorny bush, they are grateful and delighted by their woodland meals. They make one exception to the forest-food-only rule. They always bring marshmallows with them. Rufus and Oscar not only share a love for the wilderness, they share a love for roasted marshmallows. There is nothing they love more then a campfire and crispy yet gooey marshmallows.
  It turns out that Rufus and Oscar are not the only one's with an enthusiasm for marshmallows. While on their second day in the woods, who should appear from the flickering flames of their campfire then the smoke man himself! The smoke man often feels too bashful to bring all his wispy black particles together to from his true form of a man. But he could tell that the two man huddled near him were his kindred spirits. The smoke man often feels too tongue tied to properly introduce himself to strangers, even ones he knows he is destined to be friends with. But the smoke man is very confident in his juggling expertise. So as a means of introduction, he grabbed a handful of marshmallows and juggled them. When he returned the marshmallows to Rufus and Oscar, they were cooked to perfection.
  "Why thank you kind sir." Oscar said.
  "We are very pleased to meet you!" Rufus included through mouthfuls of marshmallow.
  The smoke man blushed ans smiled.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

Cute story. And now I want toasted marshmallows :)

Ted Blackman said...

Wow, you used tea? I only do that if I knock over my cup. I love your whimsical style. Very unique.

Anni - My Creative Life said...

Thanks for visit on my blog, very beautiful drawings and a cute story.

Janet said...

This is such a cute story and I like your illustrations.