Thursday, February 6, 2014

Opaline Treads the Water Without Realizing her toes Skim Across and Exotic Underwater Village

 Here is in illustration I did for Illustration Friday. This week's theme is 'Exotic.'

  Opaline loves to swim in the sea. Every morning she jumps from the pier and splashes about with great merriment in the lapping waves of the ocean. Sometimes she sees a seals head pop up from between the waves, or the shadow of a fish in the water below her, but she never thinks that there could be any sort of exotic life in the sea she is so use to. Little does she know that her toes are scrapping against a very strange village. The fish people have lived on the outskirts of the kelp forest for centuries. But thus far, no one has discovered the village. Many a scuba diver has been close to discovering their existence, but with stealth and a knack for camouflage, the fish people always disguise themselves as ordinary just in time. At the next town meeting, the fish people will discuss weather or not to reveal their identity to Opaline. They enjoy Opaline's joyful but oblivious presence in their community. And they have been curious about land people for many years. Opaline may be just the land person to make first contact with. In a week, Opaline maybe be just enjoying another swim in the sea, or she may be befriending the fish people. 


Erik Bartlam said...

This is pretty cool.

The way the waterline isn't pushed into the it a kind of disorienting perspective...kinda like being in the water. Then there's no focal point for all just floats on the page...kinda like being in water.

Very cool.

Amber said...

Thanks! I hadn't thought about that but I am glad that was the effect!