Sunday, February 23, 2014

Francine Explores the Sky on top the Roaming Bunny Cloud

  Here is an illustration I made recently for my mom! It is painted with gouache and acrylic.

     Francine is an amateur climate scientist with a particular love for clouds. She is a proud member of the Cloud Appreciation Society. Every day,  Francine stares at the sky and identifies the different types of clouds drifting above her. To a passer by she may yell, “Hey, that’s a nimbus cloud.” or “Take a look at that cumulus cloud. What a beauty!”
    One day while taking a walk with her head tilted upward toward the sky, she bumped into a stranger whose own head was tilted at a similar angle.
 "A fellow sky watcher, I see!" The petite man said after they both brushed the dirt off their pants and offered each other flustered apologies.
"Yes," Francine agreed, "Few things are more spectacular than the clouds!"
"So then, you must have visited the cloud city too?" The man asked with a wink.
"Cloud city...ummm, nooo." Francine replied, suddenly realizing that this strange little man must be off his rocker.
"Oh, the cloud city. You must go. It is the most fantastic city in all the world. Everything is made of clouds, even the inhabitants! Even the food! And of course the buildings! And the view is amazing. The ground looks more beautiful then you can possibly imagine from the cloud city."
"Oh, well, sure. I'll go, someday." Francine agreed but only out of a desire to be polite.
"By now, Ms." The man said and continued walking with his eyes still skimming the clouds above.
Francine thought "That was weird," and didn't think about it again until a week later when she saw a cloud in the sky that looked like a rabbit.
"Oh! How adorable." Francine thought. She absolutely loved when she spotted clouds that looked like other things. The bunny cloud began to drift closer to the ground. And closer and closer until Francine realized that the cloud was no ordinary cloud at all. The bunny cloud landed on the ground beside her.
"Hello there." The bunny cloud said.
"Why, hello!" Francine said with utter surprise that would soon become delight.
"Francine, right?" The bunny cloud said.
"Indeed, yes!" Francine said.
"It's time for you to visit the cloud city. Jump on my back! I'll take you there!"
With little hesitation, Francine jumped on the bunny's back. The bunny cloud floated upward back into the sky.
"Onward! To the cloud city!" Francine exclaimed, and the two drifted rapidly North, toward the wondrous cloud city.


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I'm really liking your bunny cloud. In summer I love to stare at the sky and look at the odd shapes some of the clouds have :-)

Amber said...

Thanks! Me too, sometimes I will see amazing cloud shapes!

Erik Bartlam said...

The trees are a delight...this one and the other, up top, are so airy and light.

I'm a fan.

Amber said...

Thanks Erik!

Mom said...

I love this picture and story, and I'm happy to have it. Thank you, Amber! Love, Mom

ottoblotto said...

I love this piece! A trip to cloud city sounds like fun.

Amber said...

Thank you ottoblotto! I want to go to the cloud city too!