Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Dangers of Sleeping on the Beach

Here is an illustration I made for the Illustration Friday challenge. The theme this week is reflect!

    After spending the day swimming and befriending the seals, Edie decides why bother walking home. With the soft sand as her mattress, the seal as her pillow, and the lingering warmth from the steamy day as her blanket, she does not need to leave this most magnificent place. But there are dangers to sleeping on the beach. No one knows this better than Sam the sea creature man. Sam knows that if his brothers or father had come out of the water to find a beautiful girl sleeping on the beach, they would have kidnapped her. They would have wanted her as their wife, not realizing that as soon as they take her under the sea, she would start to drown. By the time they got back to their underwater palace, they would only have a ghost bride. Sam knows that as long as Edie is sleeping on the beach, she must stand vigilance over her. He will protect her until he feels the prickle of the dawn light. Before Edie has a chance to wake up and see him standing over her, he will walk back into the sea and return to the underwater palace. But his heart will be heavy, because despite his best efforts he will fall in love with Edie just as he predicts his male kinfolk would. Life in the sea can be beautiful and mysterious, but also lonely. After the day he protects Edie, Sam will come back to the same beach throughout his life with the mission of protecting the humans who are so vulnerable to the whims of the sea. He will save a drowning child. He will fend off a shark eager to eat a surfer. He will overturn a capsized boat. But despite all his best hopes, he will never see Edie again.


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I wish they could meet again! maybe in their dreams?

Autumn Elixe said...

Love the picture, love the story.