Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mercy Leaf Person Starts a Glee Club with the Birds

Here is another leaf person, Mercy!

   Mercy Leaf Person has a tendency toward embracing the melancholy. When she sees a white fluffy cloud in an otherwise blue sky, she thinks of the tragedy of imperfections. When she sees and old man tottering down the sidewalk with a cane and bent back, she thinks of the sadness of death and decay. When Winter comes, she thinks of the sadness of bare trees. When Summer arrives, she thinks of the sadness of melting snow. The only way she can prevent getting boggled down by a world she perceives to be full of melancholy is by singing songs. She likes to climb to the highest branch in her tree and sing her heart out. One day a robin flew over from a neighboring tree. The robin was so taken by Mercy's beautiful song that she could not help but to sing along. The chubby robin harmonized as Mercy sang. After an hour of singing, Mercy felt worn out, but she also felt a glimmer of ever fleeting happiness. "Thanks robin." She said and slightly curtsied. "Let's do it again tomorrow. I'll invite some of my friends." The robin said in reply. Mercy felt a bit nervous at the prospect of singing with the robin's friends, but also excited. The next day, the robin flew over to Mercy's tree accompanied by a rowdy crowd of eager birds. A crow, house sparrow, red-winged black bird, junco, spotted towhee, and even a seagull landed on different branches of the tree. As Mercy sang, the birds chirped and tweeted, (or, in the seagull's case, squawked in a slightly irritating yet slightly endearing fashion.) After the bird and leaf glee club ended for the day, Mercy felt full of true delight. She smiled and even giggled, and promised to meet up with her bird friends the very next day for another session of tree top songs.

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