Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: The Year I Predicted the Future.

THE FUTURE: Zooming forward like a speeding train!
    Happy New Years! It is already 2014! Remember when the year 2000 seemed really futuristic? I wonder what year 2000 people would think of 2014? The world always changes in unpredictable ways so I am sure they would be surprised! Imagine what it will be like in another fourteen years! Here are my predictions: 
  • We will have made friends with an alien population from an Earth-like planet. On this planet, alien humanoids have pets, similarly to humans and our cats and dogs. One pet they have will be a fuzzy animal with wings and a Popple tail. It will have big eyes and a tiny pink nose and a tongue like a cartoon frog. This animal will be much smarter than even the smartest cat or dog and will have the ability to communicate in basic words with humans. Also, they are very good at learning songs and like to sing to their people. The animal will be known as a Murperly. Humans will be desperate to have their very own Murperly! But due to worries about biological contamination, they will be illegal to own. But criminal masterminds will delight in the chance to capitalize on helping the average citizen break this law. An illegal trade in these alien animals will create a crime ring on planet Earth even more powerful then 1920's booze gangs. 
  • Due to a technological and neurological discovery, we will all have electronic head bands that will allow us to communicate by only using ESP. Talking will seem archaic and trivial. A cult of 2014 nostalgists will form a cult called 'The Talkies' where they never communicate in ESP and only talk. For their prayer services, they get together in a small room and all talk at once. The Talkies will believe that true spiritual awakenings can only happen when experiencing the chaos of many voices colliding in the eardrums at once. 
  • Ocean exploration will become even more popular as technological advances allow us to delve deeper into unexplored parts of the sea. During an expedition into the Marian Trench, the discovery of a thriving community of aquatic humanoids will be discovered. They will be kind, we will be kind to them. We will learn much from them about the sea and we will teach them much about the land. Museums will have fantastic exhibits full of art from the aquatic humanoids. Publishing houses will publish classic novels and modern novels from the aquatic humanoid culture. At first, it will be hard to learn their language, because a lot of gurgling or bubbly sounds are involved, but eventually linguistic experts will master it. 
    Be sure to check back in fourteen years to see if I am right! What are your predictions for 2028 or even just for 2014?

    Here are some photo's I took in October when I went to Carkeek on Birthday with David. We walked to the shore and looked at the water, mountains and birds. On the way back through the woods, we had to take a detour which led us in a weird direction which led to us being lost. Then we met two puppies. It was awesome! 

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