Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mercy Leaf Person Starts a Glee Club with the Birds

Here is another leaf person, Mercy!

   Mercy Leaf Person has a tendency toward embracing the melancholy. When she sees a white fluffy cloud in an otherwise blue sky, she thinks of the tragedy of imperfections. When she sees and old man tottering down the sidewalk with a cane and bent back, she thinks of the sadness of death and decay. When Winter comes, she thinks of the sadness of bare trees. When Summer arrives, she thinks of the sadness of melting snow. The only way she can prevent getting boggled down by a world she perceives to be full of melancholy is by singing songs. She likes to climb to the highest branch in her tree and sing her heart out. One day a robin flew over from a neighboring tree. The robin was so taken by Mercy's beautiful song that she could not help but to sing along. The chubby robin harmonized as Mercy sang. After an hour of singing, Mercy felt worn out, but she also felt a glimmer of ever fleeting happiness. "Thanks robin." She said and slightly curtsied. "Let's do it again tomorrow. I'll invite some of my friends." The robin said in reply. Mercy felt a bit nervous at the prospect of singing with the robin's friends, but also excited. The next day, the robin flew over to Mercy's tree accompanied by a rowdy crowd of eager birds. A crow, house sparrow, red-winged black bird, junco, spotted towhee, and even a seagull landed on different branches of the tree. As Mercy sang, the birds chirped and tweeted, (or, in the seagull's case, squawked in a slightly irritating yet slightly endearing fashion.) After the bird and leaf glee club ended for the day, Mercy felt full of true delight. She smiled and even giggled, and promised to meet up with her bird friends the very next day for another session of tree top songs.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Lighthouse and Elephants

 I really like lighthouses. There is something very romantic about lighthouses. First, the imagery of a lighthouse can so easily be used as a metaphor for something deeper. Second, lighthouse keepers seem like interesting characters. I imagine most lighthouse keepers as being mysterious and wise. Third, somethings about lighthouses seem old-fashioned and quaint, in a good way! Here are some pictures from the lighthouse (and surrounding beach) on Vashon island.

Blue Face

Blue Face

  Today while listening to a podcast about animals, I 'learned' something amazing about elephants! According to the podcast, during the Tsunami in Thailand in 2004, elephants used their trunks to sweep up people and toss them on their backs to save them from being swallowed by the sea. When I heard this story, I thought 'Elephants! They are amazing!' But in recalling this story, there is a reason I put 'learned' in quotations. According to Snopes, this story isn't true! Sometimes it is better not to investigate improbable stories. I want to live in a world where elephants save people from tsunamis!
  But while I still thought this story was true, I came up with an idea for a comic book called 'Adventures of Elephant Woman!' As a child, Elephant Woman was abandoned in the woods. While most small children would perish left to their own devices in the woods, Elephant woman was saved by the kindness of an elephant family. The  family of elephants adopted her and raised her, just like stories of feral children being raised by wolves, but lucky Elephant Woman was raised by animals with a kinder reputation. Most of her childhood, she thought she was a small elephant, until it occurred to her that she does not have floppy ears and her nose is just a tiny thing, not a long trunk! With great sadness, she realized she is much different then her elephant brethren. Even though her elephant family treated her as if she is one of them, she felt like an outsider. So, in an attempt to better fit in, she made a trunk and giant ears out of mud, vines and leaves, sculpting the materials into a trunk-like mask. It was not a real trunk and sagged lifelessly in front of her face, but it was better than the ostentatious button-nose and puny ears she was born with.
  One night, Elephant Woman woke up from a nightmare. Restless and antsy, she got up to take a walk. This is when a flash of light illuminated the sky and a loud crashing shook the earth. Ten feet away from her was a grand crater made from a falling asteroid! Elephant Woman, not trained in proper human safety precautions, decided to investigate. But the asteroid was riddled with mutant alien bacteria! Elephant woman breathed in the bacteria and it some how distorted her DNA. The distorted DNA made it so her real nose fused with her elephant nose and the elephant nose became real! The same thing happened with her fake elephant ears! No longer was the trunk a useless appendage. No longer were her ears a silly facsimile of real elephant ears.  She could swing her trunk about and use it just as a real elephant uses a trunk. She could hear real sounds through her giant elephant ears.
  But while Elephant Woman is investigating the asteroids, cruel poachers murder her elephant family. Just when she feels she can truly fit in with her elephant family, they are gone forever. Elephant Woman is filled with rage and a need for vengeance. She travels to the city to seek out the cruel poachers and wreck havoc on all humankind!
  That would be comic number one, but at some point Elephant Woman would realize not all humans are cruel and it will become her mission to seek out evil-doers, using her mutant trunk to teach them errors of their ways. I am not exactly sure how she would use her trunk to teach them the errors of their ways. Maybe by slapping them, or just by scaring them because a person with a trunk would at the very least startle a person. Her giant ears will also give her super human hearing, which is always handy when trying to foil evil-doers. Eventually she will also use her trunk to rescue people (from tsunamis even!). Maybe not the most scientifically accurate idea for a comic, but I don't think that is important for comics.
  One thing the Snopes article did concede was that one little girl was rescued because she was on the back of an elephant when it trotted away to higher ground, rescuing the girl in the process. I bet this little girl will have a life long love for elephants. And probably a life long dislike for the sea. It is one of those stories where if the event that caused the rescue wasn't so horrific, it would be really cool for the little girl because it sounds like something that would happen in a kids book. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Art Show!

 I know this is super last minute to advertise for this, but I have art up for an art show tonight! It is at a very cute vintage/record shop called 'Beats and Bohos' which is in Greenwood. The art show is part of the Greenwood art walk. There will also be music! There will be DJ's and a band called 'No Grave.' My friend Amelia got me this gig because she had her art up last art walk. Amelia does amazing art using recyled wine foil. When you look at wine foils, it seems like an ordinary thing. But Amelia transforms them into something beautiful! Here is a link to her face book page.
 Here is the link to the event page for the show tonight. So if you are in Seattle, come on by! 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Dangers of Sleeping on the Beach

Here is an illustration I made for the Illustration Friday challenge. The theme this week is reflect!

    After spending the day swimming and befriending the seals, Edie decides why bother walking home. With the soft sand as her mattress, the seal as her pillow, and the lingering warmth from the steamy day as her blanket, she does not need to leave this most magnificent place. But there are dangers to sleeping on the beach. No one knows this better than Sam the sea creature man. Sam knows that if his brothers or father had come out of the water to find a beautiful girl sleeping on the beach, they would have kidnapped her. They would have wanted her as their wife, not realizing that as soon as they take her under the sea, she would start to drown. By the time they got back to their underwater palace, they would only have a ghost bride. Sam knows that as long as Edie is sleeping on the beach, she must stand vigilance over her. He will protect her until he feels the prickle of the dawn light. Before Edie has a chance to wake up and see him standing over her, he will walk back into the sea and return to the underwater palace. But his heart will be heavy, because despite his best efforts he will fall in love with Edie just as he predicts his male kinfolk would. Life in the sea can be beautiful and mysterious, but also lonely. After the day he protects Edie, Sam will come back to the same beach throughout his life with the mission of protecting the humans who are so vulnerable to the whims of the sea. He will save a drowning child. He will fend off a shark eager to eat a surfer. He will overturn a capsized boat. But despite all his best hopes, he will never see Edie again.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014: The Year I Predicted the Future.

THE FUTURE: Zooming forward like a speeding train!
    Happy New Years! It is already 2014! Remember when the year 2000 seemed really futuristic? I wonder what year 2000 people would think of 2014? The world always changes in unpredictable ways so I am sure they would be surprised! Imagine what it will be like in another fourteen years! Here are my predictions: 
  • We will have made friends with an alien population from an Earth-like planet. On this planet, alien humanoids have pets, similarly to humans and our cats and dogs. One pet they have will be a fuzzy animal with wings and a Popple tail. It will have big eyes and a tiny pink nose and a tongue like a cartoon frog. This animal will be much smarter than even the smartest cat or dog and will have the ability to communicate in basic words with humans. Also, they are very good at learning songs and like to sing to their people. The animal will be known as a Murperly. Humans will be desperate to have their very own Murperly! But due to worries about biological contamination, they will be illegal to own. But criminal masterminds will delight in the chance to capitalize on helping the average citizen break this law. An illegal trade in these alien animals will create a crime ring on planet Earth even more powerful then 1920's booze gangs. 
  • Due to a technological and neurological discovery, we will all have electronic head bands that will allow us to communicate by only using ESP. Talking will seem archaic and trivial. A cult of 2014 nostalgists will form a cult called 'The Talkies' where they never communicate in ESP and only talk. For their prayer services, they get together in a small room and all talk at once. The Talkies will believe that true spiritual awakenings can only happen when experiencing the chaos of many voices colliding in the eardrums at once. 
  • Ocean exploration will become even more popular as technological advances allow us to delve deeper into unexplored parts of the sea. During an expedition into the Marian Trench, the discovery of a thriving community of aquatic humanoids will be discovered. They will be kind, we will be kind to them. We will learn much from them about the sea and we will teach them much about the land. Museums will have fantastic exhibits full of art from the aquatic humanoids. Publishing houses will publish classic novels and modern novels from the aquatic humanoid culture. At first, it will be hard to learn their language, because a lot of gurgling or bubbly sounds are involved, but eventually linguistic experts will master it. 
    Be sure to check back in fourteen years to see if I am right! What are your predictions for 2028 or even just for 2014?

    Here are some photo's I took in October when I went to Carkeek on Birthday with David. We walked to the shore and looked at the water, mountains and birds. On the way back through the woods, we had to take a detour which led us in a weird direction which led to us being lost. Then we met two puppies. It was awesome!