Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Wendel Otter

   Here are some pictures I took on two different days at the same marina.

  Yesterday morning, just before I woke up, I had a really great dream about a job interview. Most of the time, job interview dreams are horrible, anxiety-inducing ordeals. But my dream from yesterday included one of the worlds most endearing animals- the river otter. In my dream, I was applying for a job at the zoo. The zoo decided to interview me. I was being considered for the position of official river otter bath-giver. For my job interview, I got to go into the river otter habitat and give an otter a bath. One of the otters took a liking to me. He had the exact same coloring as my cat Wendel- he was white with a gray patch on his ear and underneath his chin. The Wendel otter stood up on his hind legs and pressed his little paw against my leg. He was non-verbally saying "I'm ready for my bath." Afterward, I felt really good about the interview and was fairly confident I would get the job. I was contemplating my future days spent surrounded by merry and playful river otters when I woke up.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Heads So Far Up In The Clouds That They Are In Outer Space

   Here are two illustrations I finished recently. They are in a series together about content introverts in outer space. I might make more for this series, or it might be a series of two. Sometimes, it is nice to have your own little planet to do whatever you feel like.

   This one is called ' Estelle Reads Stories about the World While Relaxing on the Moon.'

   Estelle and her cat Marvin relax together on the moon. Marvin dreams about a world where strings dangle invitingly from every tree branches and mice scamper foolishly in plain sight. Estelle reads about people who never really existed. But they are similar enough to people that have lived that Estelle can't help crying when one of the characters falls ill of consumption and another characters suffers a broken heart.

   The second picture is called 'On Saturn, Fay Dances to songs so Old They Creak and Crackle in the Open Air.'

   Fay loves music that is sad and upbeat at the same time. She likes songs that were sang for the first time over one-hundred years ago in smoked filled lounges or in empty sitting rooms. Fay can't help but to want to dance when she hears these songs. While on Saturn, she feels especially comfortable to dance anyway she wants. She can twirl, leap and spin without having to feel inhibited by her own awkwardness. Fay believes that everyone is graceful on Saturn. Especially when listening to songs older than her oldest living relative and as beautiful as a spring flower.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Circus!

(The city looking small, Fake seagull swooping down to eat real spider, The messy office of an absent-minded private eye?, View of a marina)

   I checked out a visually interesting book from the library called ' Pictorial History of the American Circus.' It is full of lovely and romantic pictures of the circus. I didn't read any of the writing within the book so I don't know how interesting it is, but I think it is a basic, factual book. I checked it out for art inspiration. The book is by John and Alice Durant. My guess is that they are a husband and wife writing duo. They probably travel around together gathering information to compile for their next book project. They probably travel to small towns to scour flea markets for old pictures. Then they interview the towns oldest residents to ask about their memories of the circus (or whatever they are writing about). It sounds like a fun life!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Blue Shoe Connection

   I have been wanting a pair of blue sneakers for a while, ever since my mom sent me this:

Note my mom wrote. 

My startlingly accurate depiction of two blue shoes.
   So, as the letter says, my mom was imaging blue shoes hanging from a clothing line just as I was drawing a picture of blue shoes hanging from a clothing line. We have a blue shoe connection! This connection inspired my desire to have a pair of blue shoes. So when I was at the thrift store and found a pair, I felt extra lucky! I would have liked these even if I had not had my heart set on blue shoes. And to find something at the thrift store that I have actually been looking for is rare. I find all sorts of neat and interesting things at thrift stores, but if I go thrift store shopping with something in mind I do not usually find it. Here are my blue shoes:

   The shoelaces I got from an etsy shop called greygirl707. I'm pretty sure this shop has lots more strawberry shoelaces. The strawberries could also pass as apples or tomatoes if you'd prefer.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dwarves and Seals

(Elephant at Happy Time, Sunshine in Wallingford, Ladder to a Lakeweed Forest, Leaf on the Window)

  I saw the movie 'The Hobbit' recently. Before viewing the movie, I heard reviews from both professional critics and movie-loving friends. Every review I heard by a professional critic was negative, but all my friends  were enthusiastic about the movie. I am happy to say my friends were right on this one. I thought 'The Hobbit' was great fun to watch. I read the book several years ago, but it is sufficiently vague in my memory so that I didn't know what to expect while watching the movie. I loved the dwarves and their gruff but jolly manner and also their great love for dinning. There was also a really neat (but also slightly gross and a bit sad) wizard who had a bird nest in his hair, a hedgehog friend named Sebastian and a carriage pulled by a bunch of rabbits. I liked that character and think that someone should make a short film on him and how he came to be a hermit wizard living in the woods. He reminded me of the fantasy-character version of a lot of people that lived in a small hippie town I use to live in. And of course I was a fan of Bilbo, our unexpected and reluctant hero! Out of all the J.R.R. Tolkien books, 'The Hobbit' is the only one I've read and viewing the movie made me want to read or listen to the 'Lord of the Rings Trilogy'.

  (Two pressed leaves found on the ground, two pressed flowers given to me in a bouquet, one pressed flower, picked from the side of the road)

   Today I saw a very cute sight... two baby harbor seals! They were splashing around in the water, chasing after fish. When I looked into the water, I could only see the fish sometimes. They would flick their bodies a certain way and the dim winter light would catch the shimmer of their silver scales. So when I looked into the water, I sometimes saw the quick glimmer of silver light shine through the murky green water. One of the baby seals and I exchanged a look. We were curious about each other.  But the seal decided he did not trust me so he disappeared back into the cold, hazy water. He reminded me of  a little puppy with his big soulful eyes and large, puffing nostrils.

  Here are some sketches from a sketchbook that I reserve for only nature themed pictures, and mostly studies on singular items from nature like a shell or a rock.