Thursday, December 5, 2013

Winter and Marybeth Leaf Person

  I finished some more leaf people for my ongoing leaf person art project, just in time for Autu- Wait a minute, it's Winter already! Or at least if feels like Winter even if technically Winter doesn't start till December 21st. But in my book, Winter has begun. And here is evidence to back up my assertion:

  •  Item Number One: The sun is setting absurdly early! Before it is even five o'clock, the sun is gone. It can make a light loving person feel rather sad. 
  • Item Number Two: Almost all the deciduous trees are bare of leaves. I miss the Autumnal glory of red, yellow and orange leaves blasting my vision with beautiful, beautiful color! Thank goodness for Coniferous trees though. They really help to make Winter seem a little less stiff and absent of life. 
  • Item Number Three: It is so cold! I have woken up to a frost covered world every day this week. Right now it is 27 degrees (Fahrenheit) out, and the high today was 33! 

Therefore, as my evidence surely proves, it is Winter!
But I am already Nostalgic for Fall, and to aid (or dangerously exasperate) in my nostalgia, here is a new leaf person: Marybeth Leaf Person.

  Marybeth once found herself stuck on the bottom of hikers boot as he traversed though the woods. She heard the hiker say to his companion, "Look at the forest, isn't it beautiful, and the leaves are such amazing colors!" Marybeth thought "You dimwit! You are raving on about those leaves when I am here in this undignified position on the bottom of  your boot!" Marybeth grabbed onto an ivy vine and held on tight. As the hiker lifted his foot for another step, Marybeth peeled loose from the bottom of his boot. After she brushed the mud off her head, she felt far less grumpy. Being a leaf can sometimes be risky. To be a lone leaf is to be at the whim of an uncontrollable world. A gust of wind can carry Marybeth to untold reaches of the world. A resourceful bird can use a leaf to pad her nest. It is Marybeth's philosophy that to lead a happy life as a leaf, one must learn to adapt to any situation and one must learn creative solutions for any problem. This doesn't' mean that Marybeth never feels vexed when she finds her self being dragged along on the bottom of an unsuspecting hikers boot. But when she sees an ivy vine perfect for grasping, she won't miss her chance. And once successfully freed from an awkward situation, she need only brush off the dirt to feel herself again.


Tam Hess said...

what a sweet story and great lesson! Beautiful colors in your work. I love fall too. Wish it would last longer.

Amber said...

Thanks Tam! I wish Fall would last longer too. It always feels like it is gone in a flash.

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Marybeth looks awesome!

Amber said...

Thanks Marieken!