Monday, December 30, 2013

Polly Leaf Person Land's on top a Bicylist Helmeted Head

  There comes a day in every leaf person's life when they fall from the safety of their branch. Sometimes they watch for days or weeks while all the other leaves around them are blown free. It is a time in a leaf's life that is full of anxiety but also excitement. Polly leaf person still remembers vividly the day she fell of her branch.

   It was a breezy day and below her Polly saw here leaf friends dancing around in the wind and scuttling across the cracked sidewalk. She thought wistfully that one day she would see what the world was like outside of a tree. And that is when it happened! A big gust of wind surged toward her from the cloudy sky and blew here off her branch. Down she went, swirling away from her tree. But instead of landing on a pile with her other leaf friends, she landed on a bicyclist! Polly landed right on top of the bicyclists helmet while he peddled down the road. 'Oh My!' Polly thought. 'How exhilarating!" It was quite the thrill for adventurous Polly. She got to see parts of the world she never knew existed. She had never seen a bridge before! or a river!  She had never seen a stop sign! She had never seen a house made of bricks, because all the houses near her tree were made of wood. She had never smelled coffee before. But when the bicyclist zoomed past a coffee shop, she inhaled the rich scent and decided it was her favorite smell in the world. That is, until two blocks later they rode past a bakery and Polly smelled freshly baked bread for the first time. 'Wow!' Polly thought, 'I want to spend the rest of my life on this bike helmet!' 
  When the bicyclist was nearly home, he was almost swiped by a ditzy driver. "Watch it!' the bicyclist yelled. After the driver sped away like a scoundrel, the bicyclist felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest. The bicyclist knew he just nearly missed death! When the bicyclist got home, he took off his helmet and saw Polly. 'My good luck charm!' he declared. And after that, he made sure that Polly was on his helmet for every bike ride. Polly sometimes missed her life in the tree. That is, until the next bike ride where she got to see amazing sights everyday! 

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