Thursday, December 26, 2013

Joyous Boxing Day

  The only reason I know anything about Boxing Day is from reading British books or watching British movies. I quite like the idea of having another lesser holiday the day after Christmas. There is something melancholy about the day after Christmas. We just spent all this time, money, and energy preparing for this one, glorious day, and now it is over. Boxing Day seems like a good way to ease back into the normal rhythm of life. And then you get one last blast of holiday cheer on New Years before things are really normal again. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

  In Seattle, it did not snow on Christmas, but it did snow the Friday before Christmas!

  At the local plant nursery, I saw two reindeer and a camel. I was amazed by how large the camel was! I always imagined camels to be similar in size to a horse. The reindeer on the other hand were much tinier than I expected. I think I imagined reindeer also to be around the size of a horse.

  I love Christmas tree's. They are such an odd and wonderful tradition. I wish there were more excuses to bring tree's in to the home.

 Another thing I love about Christmas are cookies! Every year my mom and dad make pfeffernusses. These are German Christmas cookies flavored with an array of delicious spices. I make cookies around Christmas too, but I always make sugar cookies that I decorate and eat!

  Christmas dinner this year was fake meatloaf, Brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes and veggie gravy and stuffing. A friend of mine informed me of an awesome vegetarian trick. The Stove Top brand 'for pork' type of stuffing is vegetarian!

And the most important part of the holiday... presents! Only joking, but of course I do love presents.

A. Windowsill herb garden kit!
B. Pallet box that keeps acrylic paint fresh for up to three weeks!
C. Awesome feathery owls!
D. A solar phone charger!
E. Narcisse bulbs!
F. Paint brushes!
G. Container Gardening Book!
H. A really amazing Science/Art books full of beautiful art and answers to intriguing questions. It is called 'The Where, The Why and The How.'
I. Paint Brush cleaner!
J. New wallet with an octopus!


Autumn Elixe said...

Your tree is so pretty. What's that on the top of the tree - the moon?
All that food looks delicious. Happy New Year.

Amber said...

Thank you! Yes, the top is the moon. The food was all very tasty!