Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holly Escapes the Leaf Pile

Here is Holly, another leaf person.

  Holly has always lived in the forest, ever since she was a tiny green leaf uncoiling on a tree branch and feeling the warm sun for the first time. She heard many stories of the city though, mostly from the crows and pigeons who visited the woods when they grew tired of city life. The city sounded like a marvelous place! With some blackberries she'd collected, she bribed a crow to take her on a trip to the city. The crow gripped onto Holly with is black talons and flew toward the city. When they arrived, Holly saw the tall buildings, the thousands of people, and all the roads. The surreal landscape was amazing. Holly was just about to tell her crow transporter about what a delightful and odd place the city was when the crow dropped her! It was not out of malice, the crow was just the sort prone to distraction. As soon as his eyes saw an abandoned lunch on a balcony, he forgot all about his responsibilities. Holly went swirling toward the sidewalk where she landed next to another leaf. "Hello!" Holly said to the city leaf. The city leaf however, was not keen on new friendships so he ignored Holly and continued looking up at the sky. Before Holly could make any further attempts toward pleasantries, she felt a forceful gust of wind. She realized that the wind she was feeling was not from the sky, but from an odd machine that a a man was pointing toward her! Holly, along with the rude city leaf were blown into a pile on the sidewalk corner. All the other city leaves in the pile muttered under their breath and sighed with annoyance at finding themselves in the undignified pile. Holly thought that perhaps she had misjudged the joy of the city. She missed the peace and friendliness of the forest. In the forest, there was no such thing as leaf piles. Leaves were allowed to scatter and land where every their heart desired without fear of redirection by a seemingly crazed man with a machine."And now," she thought, "I will never see my forest again." Thinking all hope was lost, she began to sob. But the scatterbrained and now full crow heard her gentle sobs and swooped down toward the leaf pile. "Crow!" Holly shouted in joy. "Holly!" the crow said, "Hop on my back and I'll take you back to the woods." As Holly flew home on her heroic crow's back, she thought "The city is an interesting place indeed. But I am grateful to live in a place where the leaves are free."


S. D. Browne said...

I love this piece, and the story is really magical and engaging! You're very talented indeed! Thanks for commenting on my art, BTW.

Amber said...

Thank you so much! You are very kind to say so!