Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Most Beautiful Forest

   While in Vashon, David and I wondered through the most beautiful forest in the world! This forest has both coniferous and deciduous trees, making for quite a spectacular blend during mid-Fall. There was the lovely orange and yellow fall leaves but still plenty of thick greenery. Fog lingered in the forest, but sometimes bright sunlight would slip through the clouds. I love the smell of forests too! Moist soil, decaying leaves and pine. In the Pacific Northwest, our forests are very mossy. There is moss growing on everything and it makes the forest seem so soft and welcoming while still remaining cloaked with an air of mystery and magic. I love the small details in forests too, like the mushrooms or the banana slugs.
   Originally, we were going to go on a hike at a different location, but when we got there we had to turn around because the forest was closed for everyone except hunters. We certainly did not want to accidentally get shot while trying to enjoy the forest. But I was glad it was closed, because the trail we ended up at was so pretty.
   I find it very difficult to accurately capture the beauty of the forest in photographs. Of course, a picture of trees will be pretty because trees are pretty. But none of the photo's I took captured a fraction of what the actual experience of this forest was. So while viewing these pictures, imagine a forest kind of like what you see except five-hundred times more amazing!


Laurie said...

Oh, I love this forest! It reminds me of a fairytale! :)

Amber said...

It felt like a fairy tale being there, too!

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I love all the tones of green. It´s amazing how many shades mother nature has to offer! The white thing (a sign) in the first picture on the left side, looks a bit like a giant candle :-)

Amber said...

Hi Marieken. I agree! There are so many amazing colors in the natural world. Haha on the candle! I didn't notice that, but you are definitely right!