Saturday, November 9, 2013

Succulents and Birds

 While my dad and I were exploring Monterey, we came across an odd and petite succulent garden. I love succulents, so this surprise garden was quite the delight!

   About a month ago I was walking through a marina parking lot when I saw a crow fly past with a strange, oblong object firmly clenched in it's beak. At first I thought it was a big cheeto or cheese puff, but it was not neon orange enough to be a cheeto. Then I thought it might be a pretzel stick, but it was too large for that. Soon after I saw the first crow, two more crows flew by carrying similar strange objects with their beaks. It was a funny sight to see three crows flying with matching mystery snacks. As I continued on my walk I saw an old red car parked in the parking lot. In the front seat was a man with white hair throwing things out his window. All around the car were happy crows and seagulls, nabbing the treats the man was giving them. From my brief observations it looked as if the seagulls ate the treats immediately, while the crows flew off to a more secure location so they could enjoy their treats in private. When I got closer I saw that the man was feeding the hungry birds cut-up hot dogs. So that is what the crows had in their beaks! The old man seemed very content making friends with all the birds. I imagine that he has been a life long bird enthusiast but maybe he lives in an apartment with no balcony, so he has to find other locations to befriend the local birds. I think probably he also has a special interest in crows and seagulls compared to other birds. After all, he was not throwing bird seed from his window in order to entice dainty birds like sparrows or blackbirds. He was throwing larger snacks appropriate for hardy birds. I think the old man likes crows and seagulls because they are scavengers. They are scrappy and have gumption and wit. Maybe the old man fought in a war when he was younger and the men he most liked to fight next to were the scrappy men with gumption and wit, so now he as a special fondness for these qualities in other individuals including birds.
   I was at the same marina just the other day when suddenly all the birds near by started up a frenzy of cawing and squawking. I looked around to see what all the racket was about when I saw the red car pulling into the parking lot. The birds were flying around the car, eager for their treats. I was impressed (and a bit jealous) that all the local birds immediately recognized their generous friend. It seems kind of nice to be famous among the bird population of Seattle. I never saw where the red car parked (it's a large parking lot) but a couple of minutes later, I noticed several birds flying off with hot dog pieces in their beaks. 

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