Friday, November 8, 2013

Sea Lion Pier

  While in Monterey, my dad and I wandered onto a fishing pier that seemed normal at first glance, but in fact it was quite an extraordinary pier. It was full of delightfully chubby and barking sea lions! Sea lions are not an animal I get to see very often and it was so much fun seeing so many of them close up. All along the pier were large brown rocks that the sea lions would sun bathe on. They would appear from beneath the murky greenish water and plop onto the rocks. They looked so content stretched out with their blubbery bodies soaking up the heat. At the very end of the pier is a gate preventing pedestrians from further exploration. But beyond the gate is a long island of more rocks covered with sea lions. There were hundreds of them! It was an amazing sight. They are also quite loud. They love to bark and probably they love hearing all their collective barks mingling together. The sea lions make quite the cheerful choir. Their barks sound pretty, so it is nice listening to them.

   Today while thinking of something that is never far from my mind, CANDY, I realized that Thanksgiving is the only major holiday (at least celebrated in the U.S.) that does not have a candy mascot. Halloween has candy corns, Christmas has candy canes, Valentines Day has talking hearts, and Easter has jelly beans. You could possibly make the case that Fourth of July doesn't have an official candy but I think of July Fourth as a second tier holiday. But either way, I would like to sponsor the root beer barrel as the official candy of Fourth of July. There is something so summery about root beer, and the Fourth of July is the quintessential summer holiday. But the candy companies of the world have been woefully neglectful when it comes to Thanksgiving. The entire holiday is centered around food (and being thankful of course), so how hard could it be to squeeze another food onto the list of Thanksgiving themed delights. Unlike fourth of July, I don't have a candy nomination for Thanksgiving. Some inventive candy maker should create one!


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Yes to inventing candy! I love how you get to see see lions. I would like to do some sunbathing too!

Optimistic Existentialist said...

How about pumpkin Reese's Cups???

Laurie said...

How about pumpkin spice kisses! :)

Amber said...

Marieken- Sunbathing does sound really nice right now!
Keith and Laurie- I love both of your ideas! Anything pumpkin flavored is good in my book!