Sunday, October 27, 2013

Under Sea Adventures at the Aquarium

  I love going to aquariums because usually what happens under water is illusive... full of visions unattainable to an oxygen-breathing land lubber. At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, my favorite exhibits were the jellyfish and sea otters. Also, there was this amazing room that had a gigantic tank full of big fish and little sharks. I could have stayed in that room for hours! Another great exhibit was the penguin tank. The penguins were so adorable and they all had arm bands with their names. I remember that one of the penguins was named Vera... or maybe it was Velma.

   One thing interesting I have learned about jellyfish (not from the aquarium, but later from the internet, more specifically a site called Jelly Watch) is that jellyfish have been on earth for millions of years. If you had a time machine and went back in time to before there were even dinosaurs, you may still see jellyfish because they were here before the first dino! In Seattle, we have jellyfish in the Puget Sound. During summer, sometimes there are hundreds of them, bobbing peacefully through the water. In the Seattle waters there is also a type of starfish called Sunflower Sea Star that are dying of a mysterious disease. When I was listening to a story about these starfish on the radio, the scientists described them as looking as if they are melting. He also said that their legs sometimes fall off and then crawl away on their own. Sometimes when certain types of starfish lose their legs, a whole new starfish can grow from the separated leg. Some one needs to make a comic book super hero series called 'Adventures Of Starfish Women!' about a superhero who has the superpower of growing new selves if she loses a limb. This could lead to some gruesome story plots in which Starfish Women cuts off her own leg when in a bind so she can have the assistance of another her. In the comic she could also have a bunch of little suctions all over her hands and feet, like starfish. This could assist her in crawling up buildings when she needs to rescue people being held hostage on the top floor of a sky scrapper. Also, she would have to have the power of underwater breathing since a real starfish is most at home in the water. 


Laurie said...

Those starfish are amazing! :)

Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I wouldn't like running into those jellyfish in the sea, but they looks gorgeous in your pictures!

Amber said...

Thank you!!