Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Autumn Squirrel Leaves The Quiet Village

Here is another 'Autumn Illustration' I have finished recently. It is another one using acrylic, gouache, tea, and autumn leaves.

   In the quiet village, the people live in windowless houses. They never use their voices. They tell each other stories by lighting candles and making shadowed shapes on the wall with their hands or objects they find around their houses. Most of the villagers have never heard music, and those who have squirmed anxiously until the sounds stopped. The quiet villagers like to sit still and ruminate about things only understood in complete silence. When the Autumn squirrel first entered the village, his big paws padded against the ground. The twitching of his nose sounded like the click of a soft-thumbed snap. His leafy tail rustled in the windless air. He was full of unintentional sound. When he was in the quiet village, the squirrel thought he was in a ghost town, abandoned long ago. He had never been in a place so still and silent. In the distance, he felt the pull of sound, so he left the quiet village almost as soon as he had entered it. In their houses, the quiet villagers moved their hands in front of lights and told the story of the Autumn squirrel.