Thursday, October 10, 2013

Samson the Sailboat Makes a New Friend

  This weeks Illustration Friday theme is 'underwater' which is perfect, because I started an underwater themed picture ages ago and then forgot about it. Luckily, seeing the theme for this week triggered my memory of this picture so I searched through my stacks new and partially used watercolor paper to find it. While it lay abandoned, my cat chewed the corner of it! The rascal! Although, maybe he was just trying to add his own artistic perspective to the picture. Cat's are rather limited in their artistic endeavors, which is at least partially due to their lack of hands and opposable thumbs. But they do have teeth!

    While I was painting this picture last night, David said " That would suck... spending your life being dragged across the sea by your head. And you couldn't even explore under the sea because it would kill all the passengers." (this is not really a direct quote... but close enough!) I thought that was pretty funny because I was really going more for a jolly mood with this picture. Although I like his interpretation even if it wasn't what I had in mind. And he is right, most of us wouldn't enjoy being dragged across the sea by our head.
   Luckily, as they say, 'Different strokes, different folks!' and Samson Sailboat here quite enjoys being dragged across the sea by his head! It is really quite a pleasant sensation for Samson, as his head always feels like it is getting massaged, either by the sea or by the waves. But Samson is less delighted by the fact that he cannot explore what is further underneath the waves. Sometimes being a boat can be a very lonely life. When he is moored, he gets to chat with his boat friends. But when he is at sea, he is often by himself. And Samson takes his duty as a ship very seriously. Even though the allure of the deep sea is enticing, he would never ignore his great responsibility of keeping all his passengers safe. But, one day Samson saw a giant starfish floating in the sea. "Hey there friend!" Samson said. And the starfish, whose name is Rodney, felt a surge of delight that someone would so easily refer to him as 'friend.' Being a giant starfish is also a lonely life. All the other starfish are so much smaller then Rodney and are often intimidated by his size. After feeling so isolated in his starfish community, he decided to detach himself from the pier where he lived to seek out a new life in the open sea. Rodney let the currents decide where he goes. And the currents brought him right to Samson! The two were instant friends, and now Rodney either floats next to Samson, or he suctions himself to Samson's head or back so they always travel together.

   Here is Mue Mue's (or Wendel's, but most probably Mue Mue's) chewing handy-work.

 Close-up of the new pals!


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

I think that's the most fashionable boat I've ever seen.

Amber said...

haha.. thanks! I wish I had his outfit.