Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Samantha and the Autumn Bird

  Here is another painting from my recent Autumn themed illustrations. I used tea to stain the background, acrylic paint to paint the bird, cut autumn leaves for the tree's leaves, and gouache on everything else.

   In the woods, Samantha scuttles past the trees. The bottom of her dress swooshes back and forth, collecting mud and bits of foliage. In a clearing, the sun's sharp rays bursts through the murky sky and points it's luminous finger toward one red rose. Samantha picks the wild rose to bring to the bird that lives in the woods. The birds has great power. She keeps the woods in a state of perpetual Autumn. The leaves are always red and orange and yellow. The air is always breezy. The bird is the same size as Samantha and when she is in the presence of the bird, Samantha cannot remember if she is as tiny as a bird or if the bird is as large as a human.


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

A life size bird sounds very scary to me (I have a bit of a bird phobia)! I like the real leaves in the painting.

Amber said...

If I saw a life size bird, I'd probably be a bit freaked out too, but also I would want to ride it.