Sunday, October 6, 2013

Esme and Mimi Tell Stories on the Hilltop

Here is another Autumn themed illustration of a leaf-bird and bird-person.

   On top of the hill, Esme and Mimi tell each other stories about the things they saw that day. The two birds have been friends since childhood, when they hatched on the same day, in nests only a couple of tree branches apart. Mimi's mother was surprised at her daughters pale human face, but not displeased. Mimi's mother loved all her children. The one's with beaks, the one's with feathers and the one's with fleshy noses and rosy cheeks. Esme's mother was less surprised at her daughter's mutation. The night before she laid the eggs, Esme's mother had a dream. In it, a tree with legs and a face came to her. The tree stroked the bird's forehead and told her that everything would always be alright. Then the tree sang songs about the tree world and told her secrets only tree's should know. The bird had fallen in love with the tree and when she woke up, she was heart broken to find that the object of her affection was only a figment of her imagination. But when little Esme was born with leafy wings, she new the baby's father was her imagined tree. When Esme and Mimi talk on the hilltop, they always make sure to make-up some of their stories. They do this because of a pact they made years ago. They promised to never tell each other the full truth. Instead they promised to tell each other half-truths infused with dreamed up miracles to ensure the world would always remain unexpected.


Optimistic Existentialist said...

What a wonderful read for my Monday morning :)

Amber said...

Well, thank you!