Monday, October 14, 2013

Bunny-Rabbit Cloud

    Six months ago or so I heard a story on NPR about a discovery of a new cloud formation. The new cloud formation is called Undulatus Asperatus. The Undulatus Aspertus clouds look very interesting! If you swim underneath water and look up at the jostling surface of the water, you will see a pattern that resembles what the Aspertus clouds look like. Except now imagine the water is made out of clouds. In the NPR story about the new cloud formation, they mentioned 'The Cloud Appreciation Society.' I was instantly charmed by this name! I love the idea of a group of cloud enthusiasts joining forces to create a society of like-minded cloud lovers. Later that day I went to the Cloud Appreciation Societies website to learn more the Aspertus clouds and to explore the website. On the website they have a section for 'clouds that look like things.' I think all of us have looked up at the sky to see amazing clouds that resemble animals or people or interesting scenes.
    While looking at the 'clouds that look like things' pictures, I remembered a picture I took that looks like something else! So I decided I would send it in. But, I got distracted by other things and never sent it in. The picture I took was of a cloud that looks like a bunny. I saw this bunny-cloud while in Yosemite. I was reminded of the picture recently because Yosemite has been on my mind more then usual lately. Partly because of the wildfires around Yosemite this summer. But also, with the government shut down in the U.S., so are all the national parks. Yosemite is the first park I think of when I think of beautiful national parks. But because of this, I was reminded of my cloud picture, and I finally sent it in. Here it is!

 In the email I sent, I am pretty sure I described it as 'a cloud that looks like a fluffy white bunny.' But the Cloud Appreciation Society decided to go with the more sophisticated wording of 'A long-eared rabbit.'
   The name 'The Cloud Appreciation Society' reminds me of another society: 'The Self Preservation Society.' Has anyone seen the original movie 'The Italian Job?" Toward the end of the movie there is a chase scene involving mini coopers. While the cars zip around, a hilarious and endearing song plays in the back ground. I think The Cloud Appreciation Society should make a video to market their society in which people are floating on clouds while singing 'The-Self-Preservation-Society-Song' except the word 'self' will be changed to 'cloud' and the word 'preservation' will be changed to 'appreciation'. 


Marieken Hoefnagel said...

Cool bunny, I'll have a look at the clouds that look like-link :-)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I can totally see the bunny rabbit. Coolness :)

Memories for Life said...

Great photo...I can totally see the rabbit!

Ali Puckett said...

Yep! I totally see the bunny too! Love it.